Day Brothers Farm

The Day Brothers Farm Headquarter is located just south of Bement.  For more than four generations, members of the Day Family have passed down the opportunity and knowledge to farm.  Charles “Dean” Day, Jr. began farming with his father in 1971.  His brother, Ronald, joined them in 1976, while working as a John Deere technician.

From as early as their high school years, Ronald “Mike” and Robert have been actively involved in the family farm operations of both their father Dean and Uncle Ronald.  Through practical hands-on experience Mike and Bob were able to build extensive knowledge and experience about farming.  After graduating from the University of Illinois, Mike has been employed in retail agriculture since 1988 as a Certified Crop Advisor and Seed Specialist.  Upon graduation from Illinois State University, Bob was employed in agriculture industry until 1998 and now join his father and uncle through employment at the farm.

Today, the two sets of brothers farm together.  In a team effort, each member contributes uniques talents and knowledge to make the family operation efficient and profitable.  Together they have expanded their farming operation from the original 300 acres.

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